Esta de Moda Mx: Review "Integral Care V147"

Hello my beauties, now I have them suuuper post !! (Is that really excited me) are a product of "Integral Care V147", the V147 team sent me a present: a moisturizing cocoa butter and Argan along with an eye-inflammatory gel based cactus.

Well ... After a month of use I can tell you with confidence that the two products are delicious, your hydration level is very good and their absorption is in seconds, now that we are so close to the summer, we want a skin visibly healthy and fresh but sticky zero, because this is a very good and recommended by my choice.

V147 Integral Care Products.

Moisturizer Cocoa and cocoa Argan has its own antioxidants because it contains tannins, anticancer and tocopherols, typical of this Mexican fruit production aid collagen and elastin ... Good to maintain the elasticity of the skin, with the years deteriorates, cocoa butter serves as reinforcement for the elastic fibers are prone to breakage in our skin.

Moisturizer Cocoa and Argán.

The cactus-inflammatory gel, meanwhile has the property to retain moisture because their nature as cactus plant native to Mexico, occurs in environments conducive to planting few and extreme heat is provided to maintain its high hydration, promotes proper metabolism of minerals and nutrients, its mucilage (pulp) is used to treat dry hands and lips, however the eye area is more delicate and when he has this skin well hydrated, we tend to look like "sick" or emaciated, maintaining hydration to help skin maintain its tone, elasticity and combat premature wrinkles.

Cactus Gel of V147

All products you find on the page "Integral Care V147" are proudly Mexican, are made for us women to seek the best version of ourselves and balance in all areas of our life.

Want to see more and fall in love like me? Enters your page and learn more about this company and everything behind and give us 👉🏻 they send in all Mexican Republic.

You can contact the company for any question or more information about products:

Twitter: @V147_
Instagram: @v147cuidadointegral
Fan Page of Facebook: V147 - Cuidado Integral
Official Site:

If you have any question... Write me on Twitter! @EstaDeModaMx

With love ❤️, K. 


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